Prep of photoshoot

Creative collaboration describes a relationship between two or more persons with a common purpose of creating new objects through certain ideas and shared understanding of something new and a common goal.



These past few months have been uneasy, unnerving and upsetting times. 

For those of us who have not had to wear too much hardship through them all it has reinforced more than ever how we should be thankful for the simple things in life.

I am privileged to have life, food on my table and a roof over my head. I am also privileged enough to live with a group of warm and generous people, in spirit and time. A moment when a sense of community and neighbourly acts of kindness seemed to flourish.

This collaboration came deep into Lockdown, which now feels strangely distant yet all too recent. 

We decided to do a photoshoot with Alessio Paratore, photographer and artist, aiming to express the transitions and phases that a lot of us were going through in this period.

From scared and stunted, calm and acceptance, through expression and sadness.

This collaboration came as not only a way for me to express myself when all seemed on hold, this was for some much needed light relief.

Everyone has had to accept the new reality with no prevision on what will happen next. For this reason each person has dealt with it their own way.

First we dedicated one evening to simply paint on the studio wall, a common design, black and white with lines was the base.

After that we simply aimed that our models (neighbours) would still enjoy collaborating with us doing the photoshoot. 

For that we simply asked them to represent how where they feeling through that special moment, trying to express the energies that they had felt through this unsure time.


The new pictures of Instagram are all from this shoot. Let's all try to have some fun during hard times!!


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