Shoes made by order

Shoes is another part of the fashion industry that for years has been undervalued.


Footwear, as fashion has a traditional way of working that has been industrialised to a point where the prices that we find in the shops do not cover the minimum espences for the workers.
The process of shoe manufacturing is similar to clothing, but requires different skills and machinery. It starts with design, modeling, patterns, cut the leather, level the leather, saw the pieces, drape the base to it's mould, place the reinforcements on the front and heel, build up the base, cut all the extras of the main shape and attach the sole of the shoe... 
To create a shoe, you will always going to follow their type of shoe "manequin", a shape where you will cover with your design, that's when you will model it
The patterns itself are in it's size, but the most different part is the making! A shoe uses much more glue to attach the pieces together than the clothing manufacturing. To create footwear they pre stick the parts before completely fuse them together, to reassure the strength and consistency that it needs.
Shoe making is also looking for a new way, a more sustainable way to create shoes and decrease the amount of waste. 
For this the shoe making is like another kind of art process, the creator expresses their design, over their base, and reflects how they feel 
As another type of Collaboration, in this case Dino has been getting involved in different projects related to ecological shoe making.
This time Mae Maze will create a few garments inspired in its' ecological philosophy. 
Have a look at his work at: 

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