Mela For Her

MELA FOR HER is a small company based in Ethiopia that we have been assisting/involved with/helping. They want to create affordable and reusable period pads for females, and also to empower through education and workshops. With the bonus of sales and job creation in the community. MELA in Amharic (Ethiopia’s language) means solution.


“We envision a world where every girl and woman has access to sustainable menstrual hygiene products and information, and therefore, is fully empowered to have control over her own sexual and reproductive health and ultimately, her life and destiny”

This has been a great challenge in keeping the cost as low as possible, but at the same time not reducing the quality of a much-needed product. To overcome this, we combine our resources from around the world and give the productions to small factories, whether already embedded in the community or new and sustainable ventures, helping these businesses to improve their production habits whilst contributing to this endeavour. 

One of the positive responses from our fabric contacts is that these companies are happy to give us the leftover, unused and unwanted material for us to use to construct the pads. Using this byproduct, we are helping create a more circular economy to avoid more unnecessary materials.

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